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English French vocabulary: the four seasons

The 4 seasons in French

by | 10 Aug 2016 | English-French Vocabulary


Let’s talk about the seasons of the year and learn what they are called in French!

Season in French is a feminine word; we say une saison.

To ask someone which season they prefer, you can say:

  • Quelle est ta / votre saison préférée ?
  • Quelle saison tu préfères ?
  • Quelle saison préfères-tu ?
  • Quelle saison préférez-vous ?

Here is how they may reply:

  • Ma saison préférée est l’été.
  • C’est le printemps que je préfère.
  • L’automne est ma saison préférée.
  • J’aime l’hiver par-dessus tout.

Note that in French you need to add the article in front of the name of the season.

You already know that the word saison is feminine. The names of the seasons though are all masculine : un printemps, un été, un automne, un hiver.

The prepositions you need with the names of the seasons changes in French:

  • au printemps (in spring)
  • en été (in summer)
  • en automne (in autumn/fall)
  • en hiver (in winter)

Sometimes, you will notice that some people use à l’automne. This is correct, too, but you can make it easy for youself and just remember to use en for all four seasons except spring where you need to say au.

You will also notice that sometimes the preposition is left out when talking about the summer and the winter :

  • L’été, j’aime aller à la plage. (In summer, I like going to the beach.)
  • L’hiver, j’aime skier. (In winter, I like skiing).

The preposition is never left out when talking about spring or autumn. It is just a question of usage.

Now, some countries in the world, specifically in tropical or subtropical zones, only have two seasons: the wet season or monsoon and the dry season.
In French, the wet / rainy season is called la saison des pluies or la mousson (this last word is the translation of monsoon as you have already guessed!) The dry season is called la saison sèche.

My favourite season is spring when nature awakens. How about you? Which season do you prefer?
Feel free to answer in the comments below, in English or in French since you now know how to answer that question in French!  😉


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