Yolaine Bodin, Translator & Online Teacher


Yolaine Bodin - About For as long as I can remember, I have always been enthralled by the power of words, how they can  affect communication among people.

From a very early age, I was intrigued by the idea that in other countries, people uttered different sounds, shaping words unheard in my own language, and stringed them according to rules unused in French. This, I felt, offered new perspectives of any given situation in life and gave the world a facet that I found both unfathomable and fascinating.

My strong interest in world cultures, foreign countries and languages, stems from such reflections.

I am a French native and grew up in France, but have worked and lived in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and England, the country I chose to attend university and where I graduated to become a teacher of foreign languages. This is why I now teach both English and French as foreign languages.

I have also been fortunate enough to be employed for many years as an in-house translator and proofreader for a U.S.-based international company.

As a result, I love both teaching and translating so much, I decided to combine both jobs. So I started to work freelance in 2013 and offer my language services to meet your requirements, whether you need a translation or language classes .


I have – or had – the pleasure to work with:

       English ↔ French Translation and Edition, Website Creation, keyword integration

English → French Translation, Proofreading, Keyword integration

English and German → French Translation

Teaching French as a Foreign Language classes, French Culture and Civilization courses

English → French and German → French Translation

Contribution to pages of their Book published by Actes Sud Publications “Arbres Remarquables des Hautes-Alpes”

French → English translation

Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Business English (ESL – English as a Second Language)

English → French Translation, Teaching English lessons, French as a Foreign or Second Language classes, Written French and Spelling courses for French speakers,

Translation, Keyword integration, Proofreading:

English ↔ French, German → English , Spanish → English , Italian → English

French → English Translation

  • CELAC, Language Centre mandated by the European Institutions, Luxembourg

Teaching French as a Foreign Language classes

  • Chambers of Commerce of the Hautes Alpes and of Alpes-Maritimes, Gap, Briançon and Nice

Teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and French courses

  • Compagnie Fiduciaire Européenne, Gap

English ↔ French translation and interpretation

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