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Online Conversation Classes for all – Qualified Language Teacher – One-to-One Lessons


Communicative Approach


Confidence Building


Adapted to your needs

Online Conversation classes will help you:

  • Practice speaking and listening
  • Improve and/or maintain your French or English
  • Become more comfortable with the language

We can work together and adapt your course according to:

  • your initial level
  • your specific needs and goals
  • your availabilities

Online conversation classes will give you the opportunity to practice and improve your listening and speaking skills, but of course if your goals also include improving your reading and writing skills, your course will be tailored accordingly.

    In any case, you will attend and take an active part in lively and dynamic lessons with entertaining and constructive activities mainly based on communication and interaction for confidence-building!

    You can ask for private tuition or build a small group if you prefer to attend group conversation classes. Group lessons are limited to a maximum of 3 participants.


    If you have any question or need more information, feel free to contact me.

    Yolaine is a wonderful teacher with with an individual approach to each student! Greatly prepared for each class, creates individualised learning materials. Curriculum tailored to student needs. I strongly recommend classes with Yolaine to anyone at any level of French.

    Kasia C.

    Luxembourg, First language: Polish

    When looking for a French class, I wanted to find a teacher who would be thorough, kind and patient. I was looking to improve my French in a way that was both efficient and fun because it’s not always easy to find a great language class.
    Well, there you go: I found what I was looking for! Yolaine is exactly what I was hoping to find: she is conscientious and extremely kind.
    I managed to improve in just a few months, both in writing and orally, while enjoying attending her classes as they were not a burden, quite the opposite, it was a real pleasure.
    Today, after attending her classes, I feel much more comfortable when I speak and write in French. I highly recommend her.
    Jolise S.

    Brazilian and French Lawyer, First language: Brazilian

    As a teacher of French in Spain, attending online conversation lessons is essential to maintain the language that isn’t spoken in your country.

    As I am a French language and culture enthusiast, I started to follow Yolaine Bodin’s website where she shares tips and explanations about the French language in a very clear and different way.

    I am currently attending online conversation classes not only to clarify grammar points but also to achieve greater fluency when I speak. For me, it is a very special moment since the teacher takes into account what I’m interested in and also because we share the same passion for teaching. All you need is Internet access to attend her classes which I highly recommend!!!

    Beatriz V.

    French Teacher, Almería, Spain, First languages: Spanish, Italian

    I would like to thank Yolaine Bodin for turning my broken French in to something more coherent and understandable.

    She encouraged real life interactions with others outside our lessons which forced me to step out of my comfort zone.
    Yolaine focussed on improving my pronunciation and she shared her ”tricks of the trade” to help me better understand the complicated grammatical rules of the French language.
    Yolaine is serious and passionate about her vocation and makes a conscious effort to recognize her students needs.
    Merci beaucoup, Yolaine
    Madeleine H.

    Phoenix, USA, First languages: Dutch, English

    One day I came across Yolaine’s blog and contacted her without really knowing what I was looking for.

    I teach French in Brazil and I could tell that in the course of time I had stopped using French words and structures that I used to be familiar with when I was living in France. When you live abroad, watching TV, reading, studying and speaking with your students or your friends from time to time isn’t enough. You start forgetting the language and you need help to brush it up and improve.

    I realised what I was looking for only after starting the conversation classes with Yolaine: the teachers’ teacher!

    Luisa M.

    French Teacher, Brasilia, Brazil, First language: Portuguese

    I wanted to improve my level in English, but I was a little scared and a friend who learned with Yolaine talked to me about her.
    I haven’t be disappointed, I appreciated each lesson. It was always different, always a new exercice, I enjoyed myself, to go to learn each new lesson.
    Yolaine is a good teacher and a friendly person too.
    She gives good advice about the language, but also on life.
    She knows to share her english knowledges and knows to guide us in our personal experience!

    Thank you very much Yolaine, and do no hesitate to contact her !

    Amandine F.

    Lantosque, France, First language: French

    It was a pleasure to have french language classes with Mrs Yolaine Bodin during my Erasmus exchange in Nice. Mrs Yolaine loves her job and as soon as you see her giving classes you can realize that it’s her passion. She always helps her students to find solutions for their language dilemas. The most important thing is that she can adapt the course content to the level and skills of the group. She also gives fully personalised remarks on her students work. In my opinion it’s very effective during foreign language classes – particularly in french language where you can find a lot of exceptions.

    I’ll for sure keep good memories of french classes with Mrs Yolaine Bodin!
    Sonia G.

    Katowice, Poland, First language: Polish

    Hello Yolaine,

    How are you ? Fine I hope,…

    Just a few words to say good morning and to tell you that our lessons about spelling have been successful. Let me explain : this morning I’ve received a telefone call from Singapore, in English of course. To get a first contact, I had to spell my electronic address with all these g,e,a i….

    I was not sure it was all right… but yes I’ve received the mail from this lady. Great ! and thank you !!

    Have a nice day and nice students

    Beatrice G.

    Beausoleil, France, First language: French

    The French course I had with Ms Bodin has been a milestone for improving my communication skills in French.

    Her way of teaching is completely innovative: it is really direct, it requires a full engagement from the student and her classes are never boring, instead they are very creative.
    Antonio P.

    Lecce, Italy, First language: Italian

    It was very nice to improve my English with Yolaine: she is a very good teacher who uses a lot of games to help me to learn more vocabulary for instance…..

    Very good experience!
    Patricia T.

    Nice, France, First language: French

    I had the pleasure to meet Mme Bodin during my stay in Nice. I participated in her French course which was, I have to say, very informative but at the same time easy to follow and very precise when it came to any kind of questions. She really has the motivation and skills to teach the language in an easy to understand but at the same time efficient way.

    Melanie M.

    First language: German

    I had the pleasure to have Ms Bodin as my French teacher. I enjoyed the way she teaches very much, she was always very clear and precise. She passes on her enthusiasm for her work to her students, that’s why her classes are highly engaging! 

    Arianna M.

    Turin, Italy, First language: Italian

    I attended an English course for many weeks. That’s when I had the opportunity to meet Yolaine who was an excellent teacher! I keep an excellent memory of her lessons, marked with dynamism. Furthermore, her teaching skills allowed to learn and improve in a very positive atmosphere.

    Corine O.

    Real Estate Agency Manager, First language: French

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