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summer fruits english-french vocabulary

Summer fruits

by | 29 Jul 2017 | English-French Vocabulary



It’s summertime, the season where markets showcase their summer fruits. There’s plenty of choice.


If you spend the summer in France and enjoy buying fruit from the local market, make sure you know how to say watermelon, peach or blackcurrant in French!


Here is a list of the main summer fruits in English and in French:


apricot un abricot
almond une amande
avocado un avocat
clingstone nectarine le brugnon
blackcurrant le cassis
cherry la cerise
fig la figue
strawberry la fraise
raspberry la framboise
red currant la groseille rouge
white currant la groseille blanche
melon le melon
blackberry la mûre
bilberry – blueberry la myrtille
nectarine la nectarine
medlar la nèfle
watermelon la pastèque
peach la pêche
grape le raisin
pear la poire
plum la prune


For the French words, you can find the article un, le or une, la so you know whether they are masculine or feminine words.


Do you know other fruit names? Feel free to add them in the comment section below!


There you are! Now you can buy your favourite summer fruits in France! 🙂


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