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Quote “From the moment we speak a foreign language...” Isabelle Adjani

“From the moment we speak a foreign language…”

by | 28 Aug 2017 | Quotes


This is a quotation by Isabelle Adjani.

“From the moment we speak a foreign language, our hand and facial expressions, our body language change. We are already someone else.”

Isabelle Adjani is a famous French actress born in 1955 in Paris. She is regarded as the best actress in France and has won the César Award for Best Actress five times, a unique and unequalled achievement.

Isabelle Adjani was brought up speaking both French and German because her mother was German. She also speaks English and Italian fluently.

This quote sums up quite well what can be read in various articles about speaking foreign languages and being bilingual. Speaking a foreign language makes you feel and act differently. Body language is a language, too, and each culture has its own, including hand gestures and facial expressions.

And you, do you feel different when you speak a foreign language?


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