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Spices : English - French Vocabulary


by | 26 Nov 2017 | English-French Vocabulary


Spices are used everywhere in the world. Spices bring out the flavour of vegetables of course, but not only. They also add colour to your dishes and they can be used in medicine, too.
You can find the French names of 10 autumn vegetables here.

Do you know what the French is for the most common spices?

Here is a list of 15 commonly used spices that you should know in French.

  cardamom   la cardamome
  chili   le piment
  cinnamon   la cannelle
  cloves   les clous de girofle (le clou, la girofle)
  coriander   la coriandre
  cumin   le cumin
  curry   le curry, le cari
  garlic, a clove of garlic   l’ail (masc.), une gousse d’ail
  ginger   le gingembre
  nutmeg   la muscade, la noix de muscade
  paprika   le paprika
  pepper   le poivre
  saffron   le safran
  salt   le sel
  turmeric   le curcuma


Of course, there are many more. You can add the names of the spices you know in French with their English equivalent in the comment section below if you wish.
You can also tell us which is your favourite spice. Mine is garlic. It is widely used in the South of France!


There you are! You now know the name of the most common spices in French. Congratulations! 🙂


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