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English French vocabulary - autumn vegetables

10 Autumn Vegetables you need to know in French

by | 14 Oct 2017 | English-French Vocabulary


Autumn in British English or fall in American English is the season where days are starting to get shorter and temperatures cooler. It is also the time of the year where we like to spend a little more time indoors and can cook all these delicious autumn veggies.


If you are learning French, take this opportunity to learn names of autumn vegetables in French. Learn them together with the article so you you can remember which is feminine and which is masculine:


  mushroom   le champignon
  pumpkin   le potiron, la citrouille
  marrow (Brit.), squash (Am.)   la courge
  red hubbard squash, red kuri squash   le potimarron
  flageolets, dwarf kidney beans   les flageolets (m.)
  lentils   les lentilles (f.)
  split peas   les pois cassés
  beetroot (Brit.) or beet (Am.)   la betterave
  cabbage   le chou
  spinach   les épinards (m.)
  celery   le céleri


Some vegetables are always used in the plural form in French, for example “les épinards”. In that case, you will see (f.) for feminine nouns and (m.) for masculine nouns.


There you are! You can now go to French shops or markets and buy your favourite autumn vegetables in French. Congratulations! 🙂


Is there any other fall vegetable you would like to know the French word for?
Ask for it in the comment section below ↓ 


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