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Quote about languages: Languages are a treasure and convey something more than words - Michel Serres

“Languages are a treasure and convey something more than words”

by | 27 May 2017 | Quotes


The author of this quote about languages is Michel Serres.

Michel Serres is a contemporary French author, philosopher and science historian, member of the French Academy.

“Languages are a treasure and convey something more than words”

This beautiful quote reminds us that languages are precious –“a treasure”– and that they are far from being limited to a simple list of words.

Michel Serres further explains that “their function is not limited to contact and communication. On the one hand, they constitute fundamental identity markers and on the other hand, they are the foundations of our thoughts.”


What is truly remarkable in this quotation is what it reveals about Michel Serres’ both condensed and  broad approach: condensed for what it sums up and broad in what it encompasses – history, memory, customs, beliefs, culture, social construction…  

It is precisely because “languages convey more than words” that a dictionary or a list of words are just not enough to learn, teach or translate a language, regardless of the language in question. It’s also what makes all languages so interesting, rich and alive! 🙂


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