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Roger Bacon: Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom

by | 11 Mar 2017 | Quotes


Roger Bacon is credited with this quote  although I have to say I have not found what book it is taken from.

Roger Bacon was an English philosopher from the 13th Century who studied linguistics among many other things.
He was so scholarly that he was also called Doctor Mirabilis.

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”

This quotation from Roger Bacon highlights the importance he gave to languages.

He learned quite a number of languages including Greek and Hebrew.

He firmly believed it is essential to learn several foreign languages. I couldn’t agree more!

Each new language brings new understandings and from this stance, it is easy to believe that it paves the way to more wisdom! Do you agree?

I like this quote because it brings together in a short sentence four words, hence four notions, that I feel are essential: knowledge – essential to life, languages essential in life, doorway essential throughout life, wisdom essential for life. 🙂


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