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every day in 2 words or everyday in 1 word?

Should you choose to write every day or everyday?

by | 28 Apr 2016 | English Language


Did you know that the phrases everyday (in one word) and every day (in two words) are both correct?
The pronunciation is only slightly different but in writing, you need to understand the difference in meaning if you don’t want to make a mistake!

Every day is often the first of the two phrases that learners of English study. In two words (every + day), it means each day or all of the days. To be sure not to make the mistake, try using “each” instead of “every”: if you can easily switch words, then you know you need to write it in two words.

  • I read a bit every day. → I read a bit each day.
  • I get up early every day. → I get up early each day.

however is an adjective that means ordinary, usual, common, daily. Everyday can easily be replaced by the words usual or daily:

  • Don’t wear your everyday clothes for the wedding! → Don’t wear your usual clothes for the wedding!
  • The new law changed people’s everyday life. → The new law changed people’s daily life. 

I mentioned earlier that the pronunciation is slightly different. The difference is quite slight indeed, but still, it’s there! You have to stress the right syllable:

Everyday: stress the very first syllable, i.e. the initial E → Everyday

Every day: stress the last syllable, i.e. the word “day” → every DAY

There you are! Now you can spell both correctly and will always know whether you need to write everyday in one word or every day in two words!

Do your everyday exercises and practice your English every day! 😉


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