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French spelling: what is the difference between arrête and arête?

by | 1 Apr 2016 | French Language


Do you know the difference between the words arrête and arête? Do you sometimes hesitate when you need to write these words and wonder if you should spell them with one or two Rs? The answer is quite straight forward actually.

Arrête with a double r is from the verb arrêter, which means to stop. If you want to tell someone to stop doing something in French, all you need to say is “Arrête !” if you speak to that person using the tu form. If you use the vous form with the person you are speaking to, then you’ll say “Arrêtez !”

Une arête with only one R is the bone you find in fish, i.e. fishbone. But it can also mean ridge if you are talking about a mountain or a roof, or edge if you are talking about a cube for example.

To remember that the verb to stop arrêter is the one with the double R, remember it means to interrupt which is also spelt double R.

Right, now you are aware of the difference and will never hesitate again between the two spellings, congratulations! 😉


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