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quoi que, 2 words, and quoique, 1 word

How to choose between quoique and quoi que

by | 7 Feb 2020 | French Language


French spelling can be tricky, and not only for people learning the language. The difference between quoique in one word and quoi que in two words is something I have to go over in the French writing classes I teach to French speakers.

Although quoique and quoi que are different in meaning, when spoken, you cannot hear the difference for they are pronounced exactly in the same way. However, when it comes to writing, you need to know how to choose between both spellings so you are sure to show you master the French language! 😉


Quoiquein one word– means although and is a synonym of bien que. Look at these examples:


  • Quoique timide, il a posé beaucoup de questions (Although he is shy, he asked a lot of questions)
  • Quoiqu‘il fasse froid, il est sorti sans veste (Although it’s cold, he went out without a jacket on)


Quoi quein two words– means whatever, no matter what. Look at these two examples:


  • Quoi que je fasse, il n’est jamais content ! (Whatever / No matter what I do, he’s never happy!)
  • Quoi qu‘ils disent, nous ne changerons pas d’avis ! (Whatever / No matter what they say, we won’t change our mind!)


Note: Have you noticed in the examples above that when there is a verb after quoique and quoi que, it is in the subjunctive. Remember to use the subjunctive after both quoique and quoi que if you need a verb, but only in the part of the sentence that follows the words quoique or quoi que. In other words, don’t overdo it! 😉


Let’s recap. Here’s a useful tip:

If you mean to say “although” (one word) choose quoique (in one word)

If you mean to day “no matter what” (more than one word) choose quoi que (more than one word)


All you need now is a little practice. Try this exercise, as many times as you wish and share your score in the comments!


Choose between quoique and quoi que (or quoiqu’ and quoi qu’):



Here you are! You now know how to choose between quoique and quoi que and will be able to spell them correctly. Congratulations! 🙂


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    • Yolaine Bodin

      Well done Ellen! That’s fantastic 😀
      And thank you for sharing your score 🙂


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