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All types of documents such as:


  • Brochures, leaflets, booklets
  • Forms & Templates
  • Mails, Emails
  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Manuals & Guides
  • Training Material

Pages for your website including:


  • Web page Content
  • URLs
  • Titles & Headings
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Captions & Alt Tags
  • Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Integration of Keywords

Your text in English is ready and you need to translate it to reach a French audience. Let me help you and:

  • Know who you are working with
  • Be sure your text is dealt with one same translator from A to Z
  • Benefit from a personalised and flexible approach


My translation services include general and technical translations. Here are just a few examples of topics I have had the opportunity to translate about: education, environment, ecology, airport, legal, poetry.

Besides, my fields of specialisation are:


Photo Descriptions & Captions, e.g. Architecture, Landscape, Wildlife, Flats 

Real Estate

B&B, Holiday Rentals, Furnished Rooms & Apartments

Customer Reviews

Accommodation and Holiday related Testimonials

Travel & Tourism

Environment, Nature, Leisure, Places of Interest & Attractions

As a member of the SFT (France’s National Union of Professional Translators), I adhere to the SFT Code of Professional Conduct and use their recommended General Terms of Sale.

Do you still have doubts as to whether you really need a professional translator? Please take a few minutes and read “Translation, getting it right, a Guide to Buying Translations


Of course, you can contact me if you have any question or need a quote.

Thank you for giving me your documents or texts to translate!

I would like to thank you all for choosing to work with me for your translation needs:

Refugee Phrasebook, for letting me take part in your wonderful collaborative project. I was very happy and very proud to volunteer as a translator from English and German into French and to contribute to the open collection of useful words and phrases for refugees.

Méluzine, for giving me the opportunity to see my translations from German and from English into French appear in your beautiful book on the remarkable trees of the Hautes-Alpes, published by Actes Sud.

François Roux Photography, for our ongoing collaboration on your photographic projects. It is always such a pleasure to discover and describe your new photos, whether in English or in French.

Filiater Eco Construction, for giving me such an interesting translation project to work on. It was highly technical but working on a European programme and discovering your innovative approach to green construction was extremely rewarding.

New York Habitat, for the numerous projects you have been entrusting me with over the years. It is rare and extremely fulfilling to have the opportunity to work on multiple tasks (translating, integrating keywords, glossary building, copy editing, proofreading) and languages (English and French, but also German, Italian and Spanish) the way I have been able to do with your team on all your apartment rental related content.

RésidenCiel, for offering me the opportunity to translate material on your beautiful resort and its unique setting and location.

Compagnie Fiduciaire Européenne, for giving me your trust despite the fact that when I first started working on your legal translations back then, law and accountancy were quite new to me. However, our cooperation was highly successful thanks to your support.

Thank you also to all of those I cannot list here but who played a part in the happy translator I have become.

I have never had anything but positive and rewarding experiences thanks to the trusting and professional collaboration I received from you all!

Feedback on Translation Service

“I used Yolaine’s services to translate a large scientific report from English to French. Yolaine was very professional and attentive to all details involved in the process. I particularly appreciated the fact that the agreed upon deadline was met (not frequent in the profession). I will get in touch with Yolaine without any hesitation next time I need a translation.”

Zakaria Babutsidze, Associate Professor & Economist, Sophia-Antipolis, France

“The objective was achieved –as I had imagined. We clearly have the feeling that we are reading the author directly and not a translation.

You text is clear, extremely accurate, literary while keeping the tone of the travel diary. It is perfect.


EB, University Teacher and Translator, Missouri, USA

“Yolaine provided some translation/proofreading for me (English > French) and she impressed me with her language skills.  She did an excellent job by showing where errors were made and allowing me to accept the changes or not.  In addition, she made suggestions about how to improve the wording for a French audience.  She is professional, easy to work, and I would not hesitate to use any of her language services in the future.”

Patricia Newell, Translator / Interpreter, Apostrophe Translation Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

“I have known Yolaine Bodin for a long time but have been working with her more closely for the past few years because I needed an English to French translator for my photos who could also do proofreading and copywriting in both languages. I knew Yolaine also specializes in descriptions of the types of photography I do: nature, urban landscapes and architecture.

I can say I have always valued the way she carefully listens to what I need and her attention to details. She is very precise in whatever task she undertakes, keeping in mind the final goal, whether it is for a translation, for proofreading or copywriting needs, with the same quality in English and in French.

Yolaine has a fine knowledge of the subtleties between English and French expressions. She has an acute understanding of the impact of the keywords selection and translation for an image and can adapt the language either for a web display or for another destination, e.g. image databank, editorial or news.

Besides, she is reliable and always respectful of deadlines, which is always extremely important in the world of photography.

And last but not least, beyond all the technical aspects of her work, I have to say it is always a real and sincere pleasure to work with Yolaine. I like to know I can contact her to brainstorm ideas whenever I need and I am always confident it will be fun and stimulating.

I am truly happy to commend her and her work.”

Francois Roux, Nature and Architecture photographer
Francois Roux, Photographer, New York City, USA

“Yolaine was a valuable addition to the New York Habitat team, helping to reach and inform our international clientele in their native languages by providing translation for our website, adding web content in multiple languages, proofreading, and implementing search engine optimization techniques. She was very organized, disciplined, serious and thorough in the execution of her work and paid impeccable attention to detail. A consummate teacher with the curiosity of an eternal student, she was always generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge and professionalism with her team while remaining constantly eager to learn and adapt. Yolaine had a unique talent for noticing the importance of even the most minute details while also having the capacity to keep sight of the “big picture”. Her foresight was key in spotting potential issues and developing proactive measures to preserve the company image and vision.

Yolaine’s innate management qualities gave her the capacity to work independently and manage her time well, meeting deadlines and delivering expected numbers while also motivating her remote team and setting attainable goals for them. She would never hesitate to re-train co-workers when circumstances changed. Her capacity to judge character gave her a keen insight into what motivated the members of her team and how she could bring out their greatest strengths.

She followed search engine optimization guidelines very well, and was able to determine the best translation of a word in order to enhance search engine ranking. Yolaine helped design a customer review system that incorporated property reviews translated into 5 different languages, which in turn generated new content for the website on a daily basis.

Yolaine was able to take a client reviews, proofread them and translate them impeccably from and into French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. She was instrumental in translating leaflets, leases, and agreements as well as legal and official documentation for the company from and into English and French. Her familiarity with and proficiency in many languages enabled her to work seamlessly juggling multi-language projects. When she wasn’t doing so herself, she supervised a team of translators working in multiple languages and reviewed their work.

In this era of global marketing Yolaine’s knowledge base, professionalism and skill would be immeasurable to any company that seeks to reach an international audience.”

Marie-Reine Jezequel, President at New York Habitat, New York, USA

We are an office of green building consultants and needed a French to English translator to submit a large European “Life Environment Programme” file to apply for a subsidy within the context of innovation in construction. We called on Yolaine Bodin’s services. We did appreciate her professional thoroughness because that file included a great number of technical and scientific terms. We also appreciated her timeliness and her involvement.”

Filia Terre Eco-Construction, Nice, France